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4.Good mornin/night/day?evening



  •  1.TIME  TO MOVE ON.
  •  5.PRACTICE.

descriptive about place(RAJA AMPAT)

The points are:
a.papua           c.islands       e.flora           g.sea                g.recreation    i.populer            k.population
b.regency        d.fauna         f.custom    h.beautiful      j.papua barat      l.diver

Raja Ampat
           The places in Papua which give us  good view  and can entertain the visitor is Raja Ampat.It is  a regency in Papua Barat.It is part of the Tidore castle.Raja Ampat precise on the head of bird in the map.It provides more good view.Raja Ampat has  many small islands and sea.It is  rich  with all of thing that has value and spectacular.Every small islands in raja ampat just have about fourty population.Raja Ampat has a unique custom,flora and fauna.It has many specialist flora and and visitor usually called  them ‘’anggrek hutan,kantong semar and benalu’’.They are pretty plants and have function for medicines.Raja Ampat also serves unique fauna,such as ‘’Nuri kepala,kakatua raja’’.There we can find beautiful sea.Most of the sea in Raja Ampat are rich with diamonds,fish and another animals.Most of people say that the sea in Raja Ampat is heaven for diver.This place also has mine things like gold,nicel, and so on.Now,Raja Ampat is most populer place in Indonesia.Most of visitors say that leaving it is exruciaring and difficult to do.

dialog about refusing and accepting

Mike   :Hi..mega.How are you  this day?
Mega  :Hi,,pretty good,what about you?
Mike  :I am fine,thanks.By the way,do you have  leasure time in this weekend?
Mega  :Hmmm..yes, i have,why  mike?
Mike  :I will go to picnic  this weekend with my family,so I want  you to accompany  me,because I don,t  have friends.
Mega  :That sound is interesting..
Mike  :So,can you?
Mega :Of course mike,by the way,where will we go to picnic?
Mike  :Cameron highland,so we can see tea garden and stroberry garden.
Mega  :Wow,,it is great.
Mike  :Of course.mega,what do you think if we invite fany?it will be more fun.
Mega  :I agree,so lets we ask to fany.
Mike  :Oke..i will call her right now.
Hello fany…
Fany  :Hello,mike
Mike  Fany,I want to invite you  to go to picnic this weekend,can you?
Fany  :Going to picnic,that’s great,actually I want to go.But,sorry mike, I have a promise with                    my mother to go to my grandmother’s house.
Mike  :Oh,,that’s oke fany.
Fany  :Have a nice picnic…
Mike  :Thank’s fany,bye….
Fany  :Bye…

descriptive paragraph

1.Describe someone
2.Describe a thing or place

1.Describe someone
           The outline are:
a.21 years old                      c.Andalas University        e.40 kg        face
b.Mega                                 d.short                              f.small girl           g.cherry lips and cheeks
i.brown eyes                        k.short  black hair            m.korean drama    o.size of shoes
j.dark lashes                         l.eye glasses                      n.hobbies

           My twenty one years old sister,Mega ,studies at Andalas University with pharmacy’s major.I love her very much.she is good person and friendly.The first thing ,i notice when i look her tall.she is shorter than her friends in her faculty.Her wight is a heavy 40 kg.My sister is small girl.My mother always talk to her,to consume more vitamin and nutrition foods,but when my mother talk like that she said,’’I have done it,I was still small’’,while smile.Altough she is small,but she has baby face with cerry lips and cheeks.Her eyes are brown and  dark lashes flowing from the brows.She also has short black hair and white skin.She wears black eyeglasses,because black is her favorite color.About her shoes,it is very difficult to find  the shoes with good mode and number for her.Her shoes’s size is 36.It make her depressed if  she wants to buy the shoes.My sister has a unique hobbies,some of them are fishing,cooking,reading and eating.Although she hobby is eating but she is still small.She likes korean drama very much.She  hope oneday she can goes to Korea.She is so surprise and happy,when she looks actress and actor of Korea  in the TV.I don’t know why,but it’s my beloved sister.

example of speaking about like and dislike


                                                      My new friend is my neighbor
At bookstore
Mike: Oh,my god,,I am sorry.did I hurt your food?
Mega :No problem,it ‘s it your mine?
Mike: No,but I want to buy the book now,it  is my faforite book.
Mega: Are you sure?it is also my faforite book.
Mike: Wow..amazing.we have same faforite the way what is your name?
Mega: My name mega,and you?
Mike: It’s good name,I am mike.
Mega: Thanks.mike,where do you live?
Mike: I live at parkit street no. 1,and you,where do you live?
Mega: I also live at parkit street no.2
Mike: Great,we are neighbor,but  I never see you before.
Mega: I am new there,yesterday I moved to parkit street.
Mike: Oh..i get it.
Mega: Now,we are friend and also neighbor.
Mike: Of course yes…

Mega: And now,what do you think if we go to public of library?
Mike: That’s good idea.i want to find some book fot my task,but before we go I must buy this book
Mega: Oke,lets go….
(30 minutes later)
At the public of library
Mega: Mike ,what kind of book do you want to find?
Mike: I want  to find novel and some book about culture.
Mega: Hmmmm..oke, it is second floor.we can find the book there
Mike : Are you sure?why do you know,mega?
Mega: Yes,I am sure.Because  I am often come here mike.
Mike: So,do you like reading book?
Mega:Yes, I like reading book so is my hobby.and you?
Mike : Yes,I like too reading book.reading can increase our knowledge.
Mega: That’s true.
Mike: Mega,do you like this book?
Mega: No,I don,t like it.i ever read it,the story not clear and the page not good.
Mike: Ooh,what about it?
Mega: Hmmm,it is good choice.i also ever read it,the story is interestinh,and also has moral value.
Mike: Oke,I will take it.

Mike: Oh my god,it is 4 o’clock.
Mega: Are you serious?
Mike: Yes…we must go back
Mega: Yes,I agree.
Mike: Oke,,lets we find taxi.
Mega :Oke
Mike: Nice day with you friend..
Mega: Yes,happy to meet you…