Sunday, 15 April 2012

example of descriptive text

My sister
              Having  brother and sister in the  family make us happy.we can share our problem each other,and  we can do many activities together,such as studying ,playing ,and anythings else. Sometime ,sister and brother can teach us something that’s important in our life,like my sister,Mega Delvia.Mega always teachs me how to make our life can be esier and have  meaning.She is clever and pretty gilr.Now,she is studying at Andalas University with pharmacy’s major.
             My sister is unique persons The first thing , I notice when  i look her tall.She is shorter  than her friends in her faculty.Her wight only  40 p0unds, with tall about 138 cm. My sister is small,but she has baby face with cerry lips and cheeks.Her eyes are brown and dark lashes flowing from the brows.She also has short black hair and  white skin.My sister wears black eyeglasses.
         My sister has a problem when she wants to buy shoes,it is very difficult to find the shoes with good mode and number for her.Her shoes size is 36.It makes her depressed.altough she has  small foot,she also has small body,so to find any clothes is too difficult for her.And about my sister’s hobby,her hobbies are fishing,cooking ,eating and wacthing Korean movie.
        My sister is the best in the world,she can gives me motivation,suggestion,and another.My sister is good person that can make  me happy.She always has consideration in her life and it make her life is esier.I am lucky have a sister like her.

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